Dr. Wayne Evans has provided consultation and ongoing health and safety management for a variety of corporations in Ontario. He has done so for over 3 decades managing a range of concerns including hearing conservation, air quality, chemical exposure, and repetitive strain injury.  He enjoys the role of facilitator in collaborations to optimize human factors integration in ergonomic workstation design and workflow.
He is a member of the Occupational & Environmental Medical Association Of Canada (OEMAC) and the Section on Occupational & Environmental Medicine of the Ontario Medical Association.
The following comments stem from the above industrial workplace analysis experience as well as the perspective of Dr. Evans in his lengthy career as a caregiver, educator, researcher and administrator.  
Lessons from the view of the occupational and environmental medicine physician.
These notes are intended to generate innovative thought and support practical solutions to a dreadful situation in which we currently find ourselves; the need to avoid invisible clouds containing Covid-10 virus as winter comes and we head indoors.  


We need to think carefully how the hard work and knowledge of mechanical engineering which has been amassed over the past 50 years can be brought to bear in a cost-effective manner to help us find our way to reduce covid virus transmission.
A. Wayne Evans, MD
Occupational & Environmental Medicine Consultant
4617 Burgoyne St. Mississauga, Ontario.     
L4W 1G3
Assistant Professor of Anesthesia
Faculty of Medicine
University of Toronto