Achievements to Date:
The COVID-19 Pandemic has been an amazing instructor. It has informed humanity on the many variables which may be perceived and variably interpreted which result to modify human behaviour.
It has also informed us of system failures and lessons learned along the way.

I look around the urban community and I see that most people have  adjusted to a new normal:
  1. They cross the street  (instead of passing you on the sidewalk) 
  2. They wear masks if entering a building  crammed together in other settings [eg waiting in hallways etc and public transport]. 
  3. They avoid close proximity to others if possible and will "take the next elevator" in the majority of cases.
  4. This is now well known behavior in 2020 which we accept and embrace.  

So, we should be proud of our public health service in its success in persistent and consistent communications.

COVID-19 Discoveries 
 As we now know more about Covid than we did in March, one small problem is slowly becoming apparent in how Covid-19 may be spread: 
We initially learned:
  1. The initial message was to avoid potentially infective droplets as spread from among individuals when cough or even speak or sing. 
  2. Thus use of masks and their effectiveness when carefully used has pleasantly allowed more freedoms as our community adjusts to using such tools. 
  3. We have come to understand that droplets are small collections of liquid which can fall to the ground and land on surfaces. 
  4. We have developed extensive measures to ensure that we can clean surfaces on a regular basis to remove virus containing droplets. 

New discoveries...more complex problem

More recently our understanding has become a bit more refined extending the concept of additional ways which the Covid-19 virus can be spread.  The words microdroplet transmission are starting to appear in the conversations about virus spread, in addition to droplets.   Microdroplet virus management is more complex as it relies primarily on dilution (ventilation) and filtering the air which may contain the virus in microdroplet form.  

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