Dr. Wayne Evans is an Assistant Professor of Anesthesia (University of Toronto). He is a graduate of the University of Alberta Medical School. He obtained postgraduate training in Christchurch New Zealand as well as Southampton England.

Prior to that he obtained a BSc (Honors in Microbiology) from the University of Alberta following training in Engineering at the University of Calgary. Dr. Wayne Evans is an expert in Hyperbaric Medicine and the former Medical Director of the Toronto General Hospital Hyperbaric Medicine Unit of which he continues as a consultant. He is the current Medical Director of Medical Oxygen Repair - with the largest treatment capacity of any service of its kind in Canada. He is also an experienced occupational medicine consultant, family physician, and emergency room physician.

At the Princess Margaret Hospital (Toronto), Dr. Wayne Evans cofounded the Adult Radiation Late Effects Clinic (ARLEC) in 2000. He continues as a medical consultant for that service and has recently established a similar service for oncology survivors of radiotherapy, namely the Radiotherapy Late Effects Clinic serving all patients across Ontario. 

Dr. Wayne Evans has been inspirational in the recent formation of the Mississauga Wound and Foot Center - teaming up with an interdisciplinary team of wound specialists and advanced foot protection specialists.

He is heavily engaged in championing long term solutions in the evolving topic of Covid - 19 through the little known resource of Occupational Medicine. Over the summer, this has included leadership regionally within the Ontario Medical Association as well as nationally (OEMAC - Working Group on Indoor Air Quality).  He also holds a special interest in the future of Advanced Regenerative MedicineBoth of these specialized fields allow Dr. Wayne Evans to foster curiosity, innovation and lifelong learning.  


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COVID-19 = Occupational Medicine Crisis


*an N95 will not seal properly with a beard this just a demonstration* 

What Physicians Can Do
Position Statement - Dr. Evans, Chair of OEMAC Indoor Air Quality Committee
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Clinical Medicine

Medical Oxygen Repair

He is in active academic service and clinical practice as Medical Director for Medical Oxygen Repair, providing focused comprehensive management of complex problems including delayed radiation injury, perfusion limited wounds, and sudden hearing loss. 

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The walk-in style hyperbaric chamber affords extended care patient care versatility.Here Dr. Evans adjusts the flow rate of a treatment known as continuous bladder irrigation or CBI.It is the best option to ensure uninterrupted infusion treatment of patients hospitalized due to hematuria (bleeding from the bladder) due to radiotherapy complications after treatment of cancer.



At the Princess Margaret Hospital (Toronto), Dr. Wayne Evans cofounded the Adult Radiation Late Effects Clinic (ARLEC) in 2000. He continues as a medical consultant for that service and continues to treat patients suffering from these ongoing effects. 

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mississauga WOUND and Foot center

Dr. Wayne Evans has been inspirational in the recent formation of the Mississauga Wound and Foot Center - teaming up with an interdisciplinary team of wound specialists and advanced foot protection specialists. 

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LIMb preservation network

A new initiative - which assembles resources a virtual team in Peel Region is the Limb Preservation Network (MLPN). Dr. Evans is assisting in this project to address the gaps in care which have been a chronic problem for persons with diabetes.  The intent is to progressively build teams to manage complex lower limb complications with the diagnostic and interdisciplinary care planning precision to achieve better outcomes. This incorporates innovative virtual tools such as Zoom meetings provided team building opportunities while at remote locations.  It is facilitate by the growing access of team participants to the Connecting Ontario data network. 

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Sudden hearing loss is a life altering condition and is defined as greater than 30 dB hearing reduction, occurring over a period of 72 hours or less. When diagnosed and treated early the odds of recovering hearing are high. The problem many patients face is delayed assessment, treatment and referral to the appropriate parties.  Presentation to the ENT specialist is often delayed and the 2 week maximum window to commence treatment, covered under OHIP, is missed. Dr. Evans and colleagues are working to change this poor outcome. Visit the clinic for more information/referral. 


The Initiative


See how Dr.Evans and staff are handling the COVID-19 crisis at the MO2R facility. 

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Get a facility tour of MO2R. 

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Hear driectly from patients on their exerpince with hyperbaric medicine facilited by Dr.Evans. 

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